Sotheby’s to Auction Beeple and Reddit-Inspired NFTs

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The world-famous auction house Sotheby’s recently announced it would auction digital art inspired by the Reddit trend “oddly satisfying”, created by Beeple, among other famous artists. This auction will occur throughout the metaverse and Paris Blockchain Week — to mark two years of successful sales of NFT artworks.

Quick Takes: 

  • Sotheby’s is preparing to hold its first “Natively Digital” auction at Paris Blockchain Week and on the RLTY metaverse.
  • The auction house will sell 66 NFT collectibles inspired by the “oddly satisfying” video trend on Reddit, featuring digital artworks from Beeple, Clement Morin, ARC, Ryan Talbot, etc.
  • Similarly to the real-world event, the metaverse celebration will also host keynote speeches from Paris Blockchain Week and a Web3 job fair.
Beeple and Reddit
Sneak peek into RLTY x Sotheby’s metaverse

About Sotheby’s Upcoming NFT Auctions

Sotheby’s NFT auction, “Natively Digital: Oddly Satisfying”, will showcase numerous digital artworks inspired by the Reddit trend, “oddly satisfying”. This trend consists of surreal and mesmerizing video clips with hypnotic animations shared by the subreddit community since 2013.

Consequently, the auction will feature 66 NFT collectibles, including artworks from the iconic digital artist Mike Winkelmann (aka, Beeple), whose record-breaking NFT “Everydays: the First 5000 Days” sold for $69.3 million this time last year.

Other world-renowned artists such as Clement Morin, ARC, Ryan Talbot and Lucas Zanottom are also putting their stamps on the digital collectibles.

Place Your Bet for ‘Oddly Satisfying’ NFTs

Sotheby’s is preparing to break the ground with its first “Natively Digital” auction of Oddly Satisfying during the Paris Blockchain Week celebrations on 20-24 March.

Nevertheless, those who can’t attend Sotheby’s first-ever NFT auction in Paris can attend the event virtually, as it will be held simultaneously in the metaverse.

The metaverse company, RLTY World, will also host keynote speeches from Paris Blockchain Week and a Web3 job fair.

Hosting the auction in physical and virtual spaces shows Sotheby’s commitment to reaching a broad audience while embracing new technologies to stay ahead of innovation.

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