Sandbox to Reward Doggies NFT Holders with $1 Million Worth of $SAND

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The Sandbox rewards $250,000 each week this month to Doggies collectors

Starting today, Doggies NFT holders can win $1million worth of $SAND tokens on The Sandbox (SAND) throughout the month.

Collectors of the digital assets can win $250,000 worth of $SAND tokens each week. All they need to do is showcase their Snoop Dogg avatars at the right place at the right time.


For Doggies collectors to get their hands on the tokens, they must join the contest at SAND’s ‘Alpha Lobby’ in week one, the ‘Rooftop a la mode’ in week two, ‘Meet on the Agora’ in week three, and ‘Club XYZ’ in week four.

A unique logo on the metaverse’s map will appear each time the respective event begins. In addition, each specific event will provide the necessary information on how Doggies NFT holders can win and share the tokens.

Note: To ensure owners of Doggies NFTs are eligible to receive the $SAND rewards, they must hold all Doggies NFTs on the last day of each event.


Doggies are an NFT collection consisting of 10,000 programmatically generated avatars of Snoop Dogg himself. Each avatar is playable on the metaverse when joining SAND, showing 150 opposing traits.

Owners of the digital assets can not only receive $SAND tokens but also an array of other benefits, including access to Snoop Dogg’s metaverse (Snoopverse), involvement in the development process of Snoopverse and exclusive NFT drops.


SAND, created by Animoca Brands, offers players and creators a decentralized platform powered by the blockchain. In addition, it creates unique gaming experiences for all players.

The ecosystem is now home to more than two million users over not only partnering with Snoop Dogg to offer unique experiences but also Warner Music Group, Adidas, CryptoKitties and more. 

All SAND members can also attend Snoop’s metaverse experience, alongside 35 solo and multiplayer experiences and games.

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