PLAYA3ULL GAMES Reshapes Blockchain Gaming with Avalanche

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PLAYA3ULL GAMES is heralding a pivotal milestone in the blockchain gaming world, introducing its platform to the Avalanche subnet. By transitioning to the sovereign blockchain network, the ecosystem’s blockchain technology showcases a strong commitment to being at the forefront of the crypto gaming revolution. 

Utilizing Avalanche is the backbone behind PLAYA3ULL GAMES’ online games, enhancing integration capabilities and strengthening security that overrides traditional games. The free-standing blockchain hosts all essential nodes to boost daily production when playing games and its native coin, 3ULL. Already, 4,382 nodes have sold out of the total 50,000 for $100 apiece. Each node grants a daily reward of 1,500 3ULL, reinforcing the strength of the network and incentivizing node operators to keep coming back to play games long term. 

Another groundbreaking feature is the implementation of its 10% burn mechanic, carefully implemented to amplify the deflationary attribute of its 3ULL. This innovative approach increases the coin’s scarcity over time, boosting its rarity and value. Moreover, the burn mechanic applies to all NFTs on PLAYA3ULL GAMES’ marketplace, creating an advantage whereby heightened activity propels the crypto token.

The primary mission of the blockchain game platform is to “create games that transport you to a different place. Games that immerse you in the experience and allow you to experiment with being something more than yourself. Transferring these games’ ownership, design, and economy to the people who play them. And to reward those players with in-game assets they own,” as stated on the PLAYA3ULL GAMES whitepaper.

By adopting the Avalanche subnet and debuting the coin-burn mechanic for its crypto token, PLAYA3ULL GAMES introduces blockchain games to a new era of innovation and growth, boosting the entire gaming experience through monetary value. 

Enhancing the Blockchain Gaming Industry

In the early stages, PLAYA3ULL Games was established as a top international firm for blockchain games in 2021 and launched an NFT generator following such success one year later. In the soul of PLAYA3ULL GAMES lies a diverse range of enticing NFT games — Nexus, Starvin Martian, War of Steel, Dogs of War, etc. — all of which all players, therefore non fungible token holders, can become game publishers by governing through a DAO

All in game asset owners are granted the unique opportunity to become game developers through the games’ DAO, allowing players and other developers to put their spin on PLAYA3ULL GAMES’ top blockchain games through a rich token economy.

Nexus is a one of the headlining NFT based games on the blockchain ecosystem, scheduled to launch on September 3, 2023. Better still, two new games are preparing to exhilarate the thrilling play to earn laser shooting game by the end of this year. 

The interactive and compelling crypto gaming arena has a little something for many gamers: battle royales, card games, farming endeavors, survival competitions and more. Amid all engaging developing processes and activities, players of the crypto games can collect and trade crypto tokens and digital assets on the marketplace to boost their 3ULL holdings and sell to other players when necessary.

PLAYA3ULL GAMES accelerates the real-world value of in game items by players completing quests, redefining the gaming industry by incorporating blockchain-based gaming with traditional gaming features through blockchain technology. In turn, remodeling the long term value of video games by bridging the gap between digital and real-world economies, accelerating the era of digital ownership for both Web3 and mainstream gamers alike.

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