Non-Fungible Films [ 2022 NFT Collection Review]

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The utility of NFTs has become increasingly popular in games, music, and now movies. While acclaimed filmmakers such as Quentin Tarantino and Kevin Smith are both experimenting with NFTs, Web3 entertainment studio Non-Fungible Films is the most ambitious attempt to popularize NFT technology within the Hollywood mainstream. Here’s everything you need to know about Non-Fungible Films, and whether or not becoming a Non-Fungible Films NFT holder is a strong investment. 


Non-Fungible Films aims to create mainstream content around story-driven NFT collections and redefine how NFT technology functions in the NFT space. Non-Fungible Films is an ambitious project that aspires to be more than just the biggest Web3 entertainment studio throughout the entire ecosystem. It aims to inspire a new generation of auteurs to use NFT technology for artistic purposes.


Membership Passes for Non-Fungible Films are now live on OpenSea. Exclusive perks and benefits for members include:

– Access to IRL events such as NFT. NYC, Comic Con, and Oscars, 

–  Pre-sale access to all future Non-Fungible Film Collections. 

– VIP Access To The Upcoming Non Fungible Films Metaverse

– Early Access To All Non-Fungible Films content prior to Official Release.

– Voting Rights in NFFilms Collaborative Projects

– Gifted NFFilms airdrops and members-only exclusive merchandise.

– Oscar Haley and The Great Beyond Generative NFTs and Free Mint

After launching its successful membership drop, Non-Fungible Films decided to elevate its current membership to an “Executive Producer” tier. Non-Fungible Films will soon launch a standard tier membership pass that will be free to claim. These passes will grant access to upcoming Non-Fungible Film projects at discounted rates and help build a wider community.


Cameron Moulene, CEO and Founder of Non-Fungible Films – Prior to founding Non-Fungible Films, Moulene is an actor well-known for his appearance in MTV’s Happyland and YouTube Red’s Foursome. Most recently, he had a supporting role in the hit Hulu/FX limited series, A Teacher.

Here is the world-class advisory team for Non Fungible Films:

Brandon Buchanan – Founder and Managing Partner of Meta4 Capital, a cryptocurrency-focused fund that invests in NFTs.

Susan Levison – Most recently served as Head of Studios at WWE, where she oversaw the creative and operational relaunch of WWE’s global, IP-driven studio.

Lydia Antonini – Executive producer known for her work on the Peanuts, Mortal Kombat and Halo franchises.

Michael Schaiman – CEO of NFHeroes, which is poised to become one of the first web3 native franchises to breakthrough to mainstream media and entertainment. 


Membership Passes

Oscar Haley and the Great Beyond – Oscar Haley and the Great Beyond is a 20k generative collection and Non-Fungible Films’ first IP. A feature film is in development, alongside a P2E, augmented reality game.

Bored Ape Yacht Club Projects – Non-Fungible Films is planning multiple animated projects starring the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. Member pass holders will be able to vote on upcoming BAYC-related projects.

NFHeroes – Non-Fungible Films has partnered with NFHeroes, a multimedia decentralized Web3 entertainment company. Alongside NFHeroes, Non-Fungible Films is planning upcoming comic books, merchandise, an animated series, and a P2E game.

Both NFHeroes and Non-Fungible Films have recently signed with entertainment agency WME. One of the most reputable management agencies throughout the entire entertainment industry, WME has repeatedly expressed interest in NFT projects and their enthusiasm regarding Web3 entertainment. The company previously signed with Pixel Vault, the masterminds behind the popular Punks Comics project. 

NFHeroes originally launched as a collection of heroes and villains on the blockchain. Each NFT holder was able to choose their own unique traits and personality for the NFT.

NFFilms Web3 Streaming Platform – The NFFilms Web3 Streaming Platform will incentivize engagement with its revolutionary V2E (View-To-Earn) concept. The streaming platform will be token-gated in order to bypass subscriptions. 

Non Fungible Films is even planning to launch a docuseries called NFT Hunters, a show revolving around security experts tracking and recovering stolen NFTs from phishing scams and theft. A documentary on NFT Twitter will also be available on the Web3 streaming platform. 

NFFilms Metaverse – Non-Fungible Films is building a gaming metaverse encompassing all in-house IP.

Creator Studio – Non-Fungible Films will build a tool kit to empower Non-Fungible Film NFT owners to create high-quality content and bring their NFF assets to life.


Non-Fungible Films has a great advisory team, strategic partnerships with popular projects like NFHeroes, and is cultivating an enthusiastic community on both Discord and Twitter. Non-Fungible Films’ V2E structure is incredibly promising and will undisputedly draw many people to the streaming service. The most important part for Non-Fungible Films would be the ability to produce good content. If Non-Fungible Films is able to produce content that people are willing to watch, it will help legitimize NFT technology throughout the entertainment industry.


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