Jack Butcher’s NFT Collection Takes Center Stage at Christie’s 3.0 Art Auction

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Web3 luminary Jack Butcher has set new standards in the ever-evolving art world with the launch of Checks. This open-edition collection has seen astounding success, generating over 74,000 ETH in volume. Seeing the success of his previous collection, Butcher recently revealed his newest venture – the Checks Elements collection. It is a limited-edition generative art series, demonstrating the exciting intersection of digital and physical art.

Quick Takes:

  • Web3 luminary Jack Butcher showcases his latest venture, the Checks Elements collection, at Christie’s 3.0.
  • The Checks Elements auction, scheduled from May 16th to May 23rd, offers a bidding experience on Christie’s Web3 platform.
  • Butcher’s ambitious art auction features three digital concepts of social media verification, with current bids ranging from 3.1 ETH to 6 ETH.
Jack Butcher shares a glimpse into the latest collection.

Checks Elements: A Paradigm Shift at Christie’s 3.0

Butcher’s Checks Elements, a 152-piece series of monoprints and NFT pairs, was recently unveiled at Christie‚Äôs 3.0. In collaboration with esteemed printer Jean Milant of Cirius Editions, Los Angeles, Butcher has successfully blurred the lines between the digital and physical art worlds. This innovative approach further establishes Butcher as a creative force in the rapidly growing NFT art sphere.

Join the Bidding Frenzy

Art enthusiasts can look forward to an upcoming auction that promises an immersive experience. As per the creators, the auction is scheduled to run from May 16th to May 23rd, 2023. Christie‚Äôs Web3 platform Christie’s 3.0 will host the bidding for this unique collection. The auction features three digital concepts of social media verification.

Additionally, the current bids for the three pieces, named Earth, Air, and Water, stand at 3.63 ETH, 3.1 ETH, and 6 ETH respectively. While the prices may be daunting for the average NFT enthusiast, the fierce competition among wealthy collectors and ‘Whales,’ offers a unique opportunity to experience Butcher’s most ambitious art auction yet.

Butcher, the mind behind the Checks NFT collection, is more than just an artist. He is an entrepreneur and the founder of Visualize Value. It is a platform that crafts distinctive digital art pieces while providing insights into crypto artistry.

His Checks Elements Collection signifies a new chapter in digital art, reaffirming his position as a pioneer in the NFT art space. This collection not only transcends traditional art boundaries but also offers a fresh outlook on the symbiotic relationship between digital and physical art. It’s not just an art collection, but a revolution in the making.

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