Trump May Have Used Copyrighted Images in NFT Collection

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In the former President’s latest fiasco, Donald Trump’s NFT collection, that recently sold out, has been called out for using copyrighted images including ones from the likes of Amazon and Walmart.

Quick Take:

  • Donald Trump, the former US President, launched an NFT collection, ‘Collect Trump Cards’, or ‘Trump Digital Trading Cards’ as it’s officially known on OpenSea.
  • Trump’s collection sold out and is now performing well on the secondary market.
  • However, the NFTs, produced by little-known NFT INT LLC, have been called out for using unlicensed images

A Brief Summary of the Donald Trump Collection

Last week, Donald Trump, the former US President and host of ‘The Apprentice’ announced on Twitter his NFT collection on, titled ‘Collect Trump Cards’ that were going on sale for $99 a pop.

Later, the controversial character released a video on the platform going into further details on the project. In which he said: “Superheroes, cowboys, astronauts, and me.” before proceeding to guide users to the website.

Following the launch on Thursday, the collection of 45,000 collectible cards totally sold out in just over 12 hours.

Now, on OpenSea, the cards are performing well in the secondary market. The Polygon blockchain NFTs of Donald Trump currently sit at a floor price of 0.25 ETH, or just over $300. This is three times the initial sale price. The creator fee on this collection is at 10%. This means that the Trump team won’t be short on even more additional funds.

Floor price of the Trump NFT collection via OpenSea

The Copyrighted Images Issue

According to Twitter and various members of the media, some of the images within the collection break copyright rules and were unlicensed, coming from various project images by the likes of Amazon and Walmart.

Matthew Sheffield took to Twitter to expose a cowboy version of Trump which was seen on an NFT was actually taken from an Amazon product image for a cowboy costume. It was, however, slightly altered. He continued to release images of an astronaut image that was seemingly stolen. Many more images proceeded, like a tuxedo and hunter.

Others joined the calling-out, with WhaleChart noting that you could still see slightly a watermark from a stock image company in a pilot costume. This is worn by one of the Trump NFT characters.

Neither NFT INT LLC or Donald Trump’s team have spoke on this yet.


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