Cool Cats teams up with Onefootball Labs and Animoca Brands to launch “Cool Cats FC”

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Cool Cats recently announced the launch of Cool Cats FC(Football Club) in partnership with Animoca Brands and OneFootball Labs.

Quick Take:

  • Allowlist minting of the Cool Cats FC collection begins on November 17, 2022, and concludes on November 19, 2022.
  • There will be 1,900 Cool Cats FC NFTs available at a price of 0.069 ETH for Cool Cats, Cool Pets, and winners of pre-mint giveaways.

Put your cleats on and your shoes on because minting will commence on November 17, 2022, at 5 p.m. EST.

What are the Minting specifics, and how does it work?

Cool Cats FC will provide holders with a whole new football experience with their new collection. After it is minted, holders will get an NFT representing one of the 32 foreign teams playing in the world’s biggest sports event, additionally, as your team advances through the tournament with your NFT.

To summarise, your Cool Cats FC NFT will evolve based on the team’s progress.

In addition, 1,900 CCFC NFTs will be available to pre-mint giveaway winners, Cool Pets, and Cool Cats. Each Non-fungible token will cost around 0.069 ETH. Furthermore, on November 19, the public mint will open, with 1,600 CCFC NFTs available for 0.1 ETH each. Each wallet may mint up to two NFTs during the public mint. The remaining 500 Cool Cats FC NFTs will be used for team drops and community events.

Yat Siu, executive chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands

Perks of Joining Cool Cats FC

As the squad progresses, money-can’t-buy rewards will become available to members. This includes meet-and-greets with players, digital collectables, signed items worn by players, VIP events, and more. 

Furthermore, for the grand prize, 5 lucky members of the winning team will be treated to a multi-day spectacular entertainment. This includes special excursions, a VIP football experience, and 4-star hotel accommodations.

Also, holders will get a chance to win prizes by participating in community-led events on the Cool Cats server.


OneFootball Labs is a well-known football media platform with a monthly audience of 100 million football enthusiasts worldwide. Currently, OneFootball Labs works with federations, football clubs, leagues, and players to offer digital assets as well as unique fan experiences.

Using Web3, OneFootball Labs can create deeper, more direct links between football and fans.

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