BMW to Launch Loyalty Program Integrating BNB Chain

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BMW is raising the bar for car manufacturers in the Web3 race with the launch of a blockchain-based loyalty program

Binance Chain (BNB Chain), the blockchain division of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, and Coinweb, a leading blockchain infrastructure platform, will join forces with BMW to create a state-of-the-art loyalty program that leverages the power and security of blockchain technology.

Quick Take: 

  • BMW’s new loyalty program will be powered by the advanced Web3 technology of CoinWeb and BNB.
  • The car manufacturer’s program aims to boost security, transparency, and flexibility for participants while offering extra rewards.

BMW Races Into Web3

Like Starbucks’s new loyalty program launched in beta this month, BMW’s program shows a commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation by utilizing the power of blockchain to enhance customer experience.

BNB Chain will be responsible for handling transactions. In addition, Coinweb will provide the necessary infrastructure to integrate blockchain technology into the company’s operations, alongside developing an app for loyalty members.

This loyalty program expects to provide enhanced security, transparency, and flexibility for participants, as well as additional benefits and rewards.

One of the main perks is customers can earn loyalty points for saving money on purchases within the ecosystem.

Many car manufacturers have begun experimenting with Web3, such as Rolls Royce and Porsche. Although, dabbling in the Web3 space by offering NFT drops instead.

An exact date for BMW’s upcoming reward program is yet to be revealed. So, keep an eye on NFT Lately for updates.

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