AscendEX Adds Storepay’s Premier Buy Now Pay Later Service

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StorePay Global leverages premier buy now pay later model to simplify the purchases of products and digital assets for AscendEX members

AscendEX finally unveils the listing of Storepay Global under the trading pair $SPCFIN/USDT. Trading will begin on December 28th at 2:00 PM UTC

Quick Take: 

  • Storepay Global’s native token is being added on AscendEX today. 
  • Users of Storepay can use it’s BNPL features at their partner merchants and AscendEX.
  • The platform sets payment reminders for all users. 
  • Users can earn 1% of their spending back in $SPCFIN tokens.

AscendEX vs. Storepay Global – Top Advantages

AscendEX serves more than 1.5 million retail and institutional clients through its comprehensive product offering of digital assets and non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

Despite already offering spot, margin, futures trading, wallet services, and staking support for over 200 extensive blockchain projects, the digital asset platform allows investors to access cutting-edge technology and services like never before. 

By adding Storepay to its platform, AscendEX’s users do not need to worry about having insufficient funds to purchase digital gold, assets and more. Rather, members can purchase items on the platform and pay them in installments.

With a snap of the fingers while being stress-free, users can easily access and benefit from this innovative payment method.

Better still, unlike traditional finance solutions, registration with AscendEX is quick and easy and does not affect users’ credit scores.

To ensure users don’t forget payment dates, Storepay’s app offerings for AscendEX include straightforward and secure payment reminders for those financing the digital goods it offers. 

It’s not hard to see why this app is currently the top BNPL service in Mongolia, with more than 500,000 users, and reasons for kicking off in Indonesia in the coming months. 

Another state-of-the-art advantage includes access to the platform’s native cryptocurrency, $SPCFIN. 

What is SPCFIN and What Does it Do?

Through the Storepay app, users can use fiat and $SPCFIN currencies to purchase real-world goods and services.

When using Storepay to make purchases, users can earn 1% of their spending back in $SPCFIN tokens. 

Moreover, customers can use the token to increase their Storepay credit limit, stake for rewards, or act as an alternative credit scoring system and collateral substitute.

$SPCFIN will also be available at South Korean medical and cosmetic hospitals as a buy now, pay later payment option in early 2023. 

This new token listing on AscendEX provides a unique opportunity for investors to earn rewards and make the most of its “buy now pay later” service. 

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