Apes Of Space NFT Review | Guide for 2022

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Nearly all of the biggest artists in the hip-hop space are bullish on the metaverse. From Eminem becoming a Bored Ape Yacht Club to Snoop Dogg partnering with NFT metaverse The Sandbox, rappers have done the most to legitimize and mainstream the NFT ecosystem. The latest rapper to join the blockchain is TakeOff, a member of the hip-hop supergroup Migos. Offset’s new NFT project, Apes in Space, is a collection of 10,000 space-themed NFT apes on the Ethereum blockchain. We’re taking a closer look at the Apes of Space NFT collection, and how it is boldly taking the NFT ecosystem to a place where it’s never gone before.

What is the backstory behind the Apes in Space NFT collection?

The lore of Apes of Space is set in the year 2203. Oil reserves on Earth are low, and new wars are fought every day to gain control over scarce resources. In order to maximize their fighting power, armies have started training apes for combat with the most advanced technology. The apes in this era have consciousness, but are confined to a battlefield. 

While on a mission in Qatar to take control over a number of oil wells, a team of apes planned an escape from combat slavery, which would ultimatly lead to their freedom. Their plan is to use the last oil resources on Earth to fuel a spaceship and bring all of their friends into orbit.

Apes of Space had a presale on December 5th 2021, and its public sale is a day after. The pre-sale included 2,000 slots to select “whitelisted” members and was not available for purchase by the general public. The Apes in Space team has years of experience in both marketing and crypto, and Offset is their primary celebrity ambassador. 

Being an Apes of Space holder comes with many exclusive benefits, including a chance to win $25,000 in Ethereum, a chance to meet and hangout with TakeOff, and the opportunity to own land in TakeOff’s upcoming metaverse.

Apes of Space NFT Collection Roadmap 

The roadmap for the Apes of Space NFT collection has five distinct phases:

  1. Rewards (Staking) – 

Apes of Space holders will be able to stake their NFTs in exchange for a native token $TKOFF unique to the project, which will be used for a number of future utilities. These utilities will only be accessible through the use of the native tokens. 

  1. Metaverse (Land Ownership)

The project will soon be acquiring a piece of land in The Sandbox, and has plans to organize the first-ever hip-hop festival in the history of the metaverse. Those who own a Space Ape will own a portion of land in the metaverse.

  1. Metaverse (Assets)

The Apes of Space project will create items and avatars to be integrated into the metaverse. The project aims to become one of the top IPs in the metaverse, and is planning on potentially launching an NFT marketplace.

  1. High in Space (TakeOff)

One lucky Apes of Space holder will join TakeOff in a real-life space journey. The lucky holder will meet TakeOff in-person and become the first person to orbit in space with one of the most popular hip-hop artists in the world. 

5. The Show Must Go On (VIP Events) – 

Apes of Space holders will be able to get access to VIP events such as free tickets to upcoming metaverse festivals. 

Is the Apes of Space NFT project a good investment?

The Apes of Space NFT project has kept their community engaged through selling fan merch, consistently hosting contests and giveaways, and highlighting holders on social media. 

The project recently purchased land near Snoop Dogg’s mansion in The Sandbox, further demonstrating their commitment to the metaverse.

NFT technology is one of the biggest things to happen to the hip-hop genre in years. In other NFT-rap news, Snoop Dogg, one of the biggest advocates in the entire NFT space, recently announced on Clubhouse that Death Row Records will be the first NFT label. In honor of the late rapper, augmented reality NFT masks inspired by MF Doom were auctioned off last year. Hip-hop legend Nas has started exclusively selling his albums and singles as NFTs. 

The Apes of Space NFT collection is an ambitious project with a lot of promising qualities. If you are interested in investing in this project, you should first DYOR (Do Your Own Research), and check out the collection’s profiles on Discord and Twitter.

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