Logan Paul’s Alleged Scam Project: CryptoZoo

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Ohio-born content creator Logan Paul is often seen spinning many plates at once. From boxing Floyd Mayweather and wrestling for WWE to creating an energy drink, he’s seemingly done it all, and seen success from most. However, recently, he’s been called out for his “scam” NFT project, Cryptozoo, by investigative YouTuber ‘Coffezilla’ (real name Stephen Findeisen) and others.

Quick Take:

  • Logan Paul’s ‘CryptoZoo’ project launched in August 2021.
  • Recently, YouTuber Coffeezilla has called it out for being a “scam” in a three part video series.
  • Now, Paul wants to defend the NFTs on his ‘Impaulsive’ podcast, inviting his fellow YouTuber on as a guest.

Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo Project

In August 2021, YouTube sensation Logan Paul released an NFT project, titled Cryptozoo. It was sold as a cryptocurrency and NFT-backed game in which users could purchase an egg using $ZOO (the game’s token), which would subsequently hatch. Beyond that, users could breed their characters with others to make hybrid ones, and choose to sell if they wished from there on.

Following issues with users cashing out their money, and them being unable to make transactions, the game was swiftly labelled a scam by many players and external people. Many also mentioned at the time that the artwork was not entirely original. Instead, it was just edited images of regular animals to make them look irregular, or mixed with other animals.

The project was later stopped in late May 2022 due to a developer allegedly fleeing to Switzerland, taking the code, and stealing over $1 million in the process.

Coffeezilla Call Out

Over the past fortnight (starting December 16) in a three-part series of videos, investigative YouTuber Coffeezilla shared his opinion, facts, and interviews around Logan Paul’s Cryptozoo project to his audience of 2.2 million subscribers. In total, the trio of videos have garnered almost 15 million viewers.

Paul clearly still backs his project, despite these “exposés”. Recently, he invited Coffeezilla on his ‘Impaulsive’ podcast that he hosts to discuss the matter at hand. Findeisen responded saying that he would be open to talk to Paul, but on his own terms and YouTube channel.

His docuseries included interviews with those who bought into the collection. As well as this, the developer who allegedly went to Switzerland with the code and money. They claimed to have not been paid money owed by Paul. The reason noted was that code wasn’t delivered ‘on time’.

Logan’s Other NFT Involvements

Outwith CryptoZoo, Logan Paul has had involvements in other NFTs. He bought a Cryptopunks early on, after being influenced by Gary Vaynerchuk to do so. He suggested that MrBeast and a group of 30 high net worth individuals also do the same. The Belarusian-born entrepreneur claimed that it would be “the best decision of their lives”.

Paul also started a collection of 99 NFTs titled ’99 Originals’. A selection of Polaroid pictures taken by the content creator across the period of a year. The process was shared on his YouTube through an engaging and cinematic video. Many of these NFTs went on to sell for $1000’s, and seemingly are in a better position compared to Cryptozoo, at least based on the initial sales.


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