Animoca Brands Launches Mocaverse, an NFT Collection

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Animoca Brands launched Mocaverse, its official PFP NFT collection, on 15th December. With Mocaverse, the business hopes to strengthen Animoca’s ecosystem of Web3 and metaverse-based projects.

Quick Take:

  • Animoca Brands has launched Mocaverse, a PFP NFT collection aimed at strengthening its ecosystem.
  • The collection will be offered to its family of projects, investments, partners and shareholders starting Q1 2023.
  • Mocaverse is a collection of 8,888 NFTs of Moca characters divided into five tribes.

What is the Mocaverse NFT Collection?

According to Animoca Brands, the Mocaverse NFT collection embodies the firm’s portfolio companies and partners’ common values and culture. Further, the Mocaverse NFT collection comprises 8,888 Mocas collectibles, which are NFT (PFPs) that act as a membership pass for Animoca Brand’s teammates, partners, investors, and specific token holders. 

Each Mocas adheres to one of five tribes, Connectors, Angels, Neo-Capitalists, Builders, and Dreamers. Mocaverse will have four major utility categories known as realms, which embody the collection’s primary pillars: learn, build, play, and do good. Moreover, the realms will serve as channels for people to share ideas, learn new things, and develop as a community.

Mocaverse NFT collection owners will benefit from a variety of membership incentives, including chances to:

  • Learn together (through expert AMAs and masterclasses),
  • Play together (via game passes and special in-game materials),
  • Develop together (accelerator program), and
  • Do good together (organizing and contributing to social causes).

In addition, Mocaverse NFTs intend to strengthen ties across Animoca Brands’ group businesses, portfolio, cross-project collaborations, and partners within the Animoca Brands ecosystem.

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In upcoming months Mocaverse will expand and include more functionality and partnerships, which will be revealed as they become accessible. Given that, the collection will be available in Q1 of 2023.

Animoca Brands’ extensive portfolio includes over 380 Web3 industry projects. Meanwhile, for now, the projects range from blockchain-based games to esports, marketplaces, and platforms.

How to get Mocaverse NFTs?

Mocaverse NFTs are not available to everyone, at least not yet. Animoca Brands has set aside the NFTs for its close friends and family members only. Institutional and individual investors in the company, as well as employees (including those of its subsidiaries), management teams of Web3 portfolio companies owned by Animoca Brands, and the company’s partners.

However, Animoca Brands will soon share more information about the added special criteria for eligibility. Everyone who is qualified will get a free mint and a paid mint quota. The company has already sent emails to everyone who is eligible with instructions on how to send the mint to their wallet addresses.

Lastly, the Mocaverse website has more information about the collection.

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